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Sites For cheapness flights inside Europe Excellent site for charter flights, before every flight to Europe is worthwhile to check this site, mainly one way. This site of flights is the most inexpensive in Europe, really without money, usually the flights they are from airport of the aforesaid company and also the approach paths to them, usually the airports are far from the main city. another good site for flights and also for other excellent inexpensive services inside Europe.

planning the trip tools

good links for planning the trip in Europe and Italy Http:// His direction is exact amazingly and the maps in the yardstick of streets and printing in short exquisite. you can have any scale size Dynamic Maps Best additional recommendation tools for planning routes In Europe. software: Microsoft autoroute express europe 2000 with atlas or map 300,000 Scale of the area you are all set


my recommendation of hotels last minute in the considerable discounts prices Ratestogo For example I got in Venice Mestra hotel 4 stars at the high season for 83 Euro for double room when the registered price over 140 Euro another place for example 60 euro instead of 115 euro 50 instead of 140 it is worth to check. Where the problem simply the sites of the last minute enable you only until 20 day from the time of check in. i think it's quite enough time to prepare and know that this is part of the program then part of the hotels in the areas that there is not a selection then there is not a choice and order in advance, but there are areas that there is a big selection of hotels and almost there is not a chance that will be blew without lodging then worthwhile to exploit the opportunity of the profit quite significant.

Recommendation on places

Mount penegal Arrogant mountain 1737 meter from the sea level, you have stunning view of all the valley. If you plan to pass the dolomites mountains in north Italy it is in area called Trntino Southern western boltzano i slept there beyond mountains called Pesso Mendola Before the passage of mountains when travel towards Boltsano from the city Ronzone turn to the street that costs to the mountain, the street quite/enough steep but when i arrive at the place it was impossible not to be excited from the scenery, maybe this is combination of the special air, the height. To my taste it was the peak of my trip to Italy. Attached maps of the area, see attached files. We stayed in hotel called Hotel stella delle alpi ronzone Places not expensive in comparison to the other places in the area

Travelers cheques

My recommendations to the hiker in Italy / Europe I do not recommend to acquire traveler checks most of the hotels are unprepared to receive or to accept them and part are ready to receive to accept not in the full value only after reduction of 3% or 15 Euro fee i do not recommend it.

More sites of flights sites in the Israel that it's possible to examine. excellent site for charter flights, before every flight to Europe it is worthwhile to examine in this site, mainly one way. Hadaka Hatisheem, also good site to the search of flights cheaply international site to the flights of last minute, not really good site, not in inexpensive Site of regular prices to compare between companies of flights . Site that it's possible to to look only in order to examine prices or if you don't have other choices at the moment.

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