Lake Garda in Italy

Lake Garda in Italy by Keith Barrett

Having planned a trip to the shores of Lake Garda, I was excited at the prospect of visiting the area for the first time. I enjoy travelling in Italy, but this was one location that I had not previously reached. Like many visitors from the UK, my previous experiences of the country had often been limited to the big cities. Rome, Florence and Pisa had all thrilled in the past, but a retreat in a small farmhouse close to the famous lake was being keenly anticipated.

Fortunately, I was not to be disappointed. This part of Italy was to prove just as thrilling as many of the better known locations, if not more so.

The first thing that you can't help but notice here is that the scenery is absolutely stunning. Green, rolling hills give way to more rocky scenes, with the Italian Alps towering over the lake itself.

It's clear that much of the soil in the surrounding region must be very fertile, thus the obvious sights of agriculture that appear to abound. It's also clear from the wonderful, fresh produce that always seems to be available.

As in other parts of the country, a visit to this region is a delight to the taste buds. Pasta, fresh tomatoes and the most glorious olive oil are all key parts of the local diet.

The food is surprisingly simple and yet wonderful to taste. As might be expected, the quality of wines here is also to an extremely high standard.

When combined with the amazing scenery and friendly locals, it was soon easy to see why so many people had recommended a visit to this part of Italy.

It has to be said that my holidays are often dominated by the need to relax, with gentle strolls, long lunches and periods spent enjoying the sunshine.

For those who do prefer active holidays, there were clearly plenty of alternative options, including water sports, hiking and climbing in the mountains.

Lake Garda and its surrounding towns seem to offer a little something for everyone.

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